PostHeaderIcon Lenovo X131e Chromebook review

Want a laptop with which you can work upon as hard and fast as possible along with unsurpassed gaming experience, if so the Lenovo X131e Chromebook is just your toy. The Chromebook particularly aimed at students, is a perfect blend of the best of the security features of Google Apps and Chrome OS with a design that is rugged enough for a classroom. The device priced at $459 is such designed that it can handle the school life rigors and will available exclusively in the educational market especially schools.

The Thinkpad Chromebook comes with add on features for rough use like a battery backup of more than six and half hours, rubberized corners and edges and reinforced hinges and cover. All this makes this device perfect for students who need to use their laptops frequently.

The OS:

The Lenovo X131e Chromebook operates on Chrome OS, which indicates the Google Apps are in built. Updating and sharing data via this OS is quite simple and user friendly.

Connectively Criteria:

The Lenovo X131e Chromebook comes with a built in Wi-Fi which is dual band; hence connecting to wireless network becomes quite easy. The device also features three USB ports to stay connected to all of your peripherals.

Display Flexibility:

The Thinkpad comes with a display screen of 11.6 inches and a HD webcam. With the Lenovo Thinkpad Chromebook, you can customize your display exactly the way you want it to. It offers both VGA and HDMI output making the display quite flexible

Managing devices, users and apps:

The device comes with a management console which is web based. It helps to centrally manage and deploy the different Chrome devices and users.

Google seems very hopeful about the future of this device in the educational industry. Hence if you are looking as a device for your school work, this is the single best alternative for you.

PostHeaderIcon Waterproof Gadget Cases

All electronics like iPods, cameras, laptops, camcorders require waterproof cases. Waterproof cases are must to take care of the costly. All equipments have minute parts. Such cases make sure that the electronic parts of these equipments are not damaged in case they come in contact with moisture. Variety of cases that are available in the market will help to protect the device from fall or fright.

Specialized waterproof cases can protect your gadgets when you take them in wet areas. For example Seahorse cases provide waterproof up to 30 to 40 ft under water. Another example is that of a water proof camera bag that can be used for water sports such as snorkeling, boating etc. Most of these bags are air tight. Thus even if the case falls into the water it floats back to the surface hence it reduces the chances of losing the camera under water.

Customers can select their own style of cases available in the market, according to their taste and preference and account. Various experts from different fields are using smart phones that accomplish their specialized needs and communication. The market of smart phones consumer is everyday increasing due to this reason. There are some definite lines of work where the uses of these tools are increasing.

Many producers who make smart phone cases are accepting the requirements of these professionals and are giving their best to produce those types of cases which are protecting the phone from being damaged even under water.

Waterproof cases not only guard them from stream but also from:-

• Pressure
• Snow
• Dust
• Stain
• Distress

These cases have valuable seal systems and security device and also contain buttons and keyboards allowing the users to run device.

PostHeaderIcon Buying second hand computer accessories

If you have had a personal computer for years and a particular part of it such as the monitor or the mouse or the speakers stop functioning properly, and you do not want to spend a lot on new accessories, do not worry and get all sad on not being able to use your PC for long. Buying second hand computers has been a trend for long now, but buying second hand computer accessories is fast becoming a common answer to sudden computer issues.

There are many websites which provide you with the chance to buy second hand computer accessories, some of them give you guarantee on some products as well. From monitors to CPUs, printers to mouse, speakers to even headphones, you can get all sorts of accessories on these websites, a small difference being they are used. This factor, which many may call negative, brings with it positivity’s for you as the buyer as well. You can get the same product for a cost lot less than its market price. You can check multiple websites and buy your required accessory from the one that gives it to you for least amount.

These websites not only provide you with home delivery, like all online shopping portals, but some are even a part of retail or wholesale chains where you can browse through the products online and then go down to the store and buy yourself.

Second hand computer accessories do not have to be in bad quality always. These websites that provide you with these accessories keep them in proper shape. For example, if you want to buy a higher RAM for your computer, you can easily go for a used one. You are almost ascertained to get products of quality in these websites, which will not only fulfill your requirements but will do that without burning much of a hole in your pockets.

PostHeaderIcon Using Different Online Tools to Help Your Business

If you trade online, you must need advanced tools to save time and money. Online business has opened myriad money earning ways for people. There is little barrier to do online jobs. However, to organize the whole business successfully, choose some beneficial online tools to do business properly.

Top Online Business Management Tools

There is top online business operating tools for traders to deal with. For instance, organization and management need to be perfectly taken care of to control business. Evernote is a fast business organizing notebook. You can collect and store large files, articles, snapshots and research materials in the archive of Evernote. You will save time by bringing wide range of items under a single framework. Whenever you need, use your Evernote digital notepad. Shoeboxed tool is another handy online business operating system. It is a basically an online directory to store valuable documents and scanned papers. You can email from this Shoeboxed directory directly. You can check documents online. There are excellent options for adding and removing documents from Shoeboxed online. If you have to prepare monthly payroll sheets and set financial budgets, Mint is the best tool for you. Without using multiple account checking software tools, use Mint. Share your valuable data, and digital content with others. There is an excellent mobile application provision to share and manage data. Do you like to do vast internet surfing to get new sites? StumbleUpon is giving an instant support to traders to find list of top websites in different categories. It reduces the hazards of doing online navigation.

To communicate clients, businessmen can make usage of these innovative web based tools. More upcoming software tools will give more benefits to businessmen. You can do your business from home. You will have powerful online Cloud system for better data management. In this connection, keep in touch with reliable websites to have updates on software tools for doing business online.

PostHeaderIcon How to Choose a Good Gaming Laptop

Casual gamers have their cell phones and tablets to play with but the serious gamer is left only with meagre handheld systems that could never hope to match the atmosphere provided by a PC, fine tuned for gaming; but with the advent of better laptop technology, integrating all the technical specs a PC can provide, those days are coming to an end.

The first requirement for a gaming laptop is a powerful Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). If a laptop has an “Integrated GPU” it’s not going to be much use because the graphics processing system shares the system memory. Newer models of this type can support photo editing but playing high end games like “Bioshock Infinite” and “Tomb Raider (2013)” would cause intense lag. The biggest names in the GPU manufacturing industry are AMD and Nvidia, the latter being better suited to gaming in general. Since both companies are constantly improving their products, as a rule the higher the model number on a GPU, the better the function.

CPU strength is also pivotal to the workings of a gaming laptop; the better the CPU, the faster and more accurately the games will work. Currently, the Intel Core i5-3570K is the best on the market, but with a processing speed of only 300MHz over its predecessor, the Intel Core i5-3350P it’s not worth the extra cash.

Finally the screen resolution and sound cards form the final link in the gaming laptop chain. Any screen with a resolution lower than 1600×900 pixels, is quite worthless and for the discerning gamer, 1920×1080 Full HD is ideal. As for sound cards, most modern games are designed with epic orchestral scores and realistic sound effects which only a very good sound card could do justice to, but on board sound capabilities do suffice, when combine with a good set of head phones.

PostHeaderIcon Getting Rid Of Key loggers From Your PC

Key loggersKeylogger is nothing but a kind of software that keeps a record of all the things that you do on your computer including activities like surfing the internet, watching movies, listening to music, working etc. This technology is actually being negatively used by hackers to get hold of the confidential and vital information you store in your PC. It is your responsibility that you protect your computer from keylogger that has been installed in it without your permission. The keylogger will record and send all the data to the hacker or store it in the PC itself so that the hacker can collect it later on.

In order to avoid this you should make it a point to install good and reliable anti-virus software in your PC. Whenever your anti-virus software becomes outdated you must install a new one or update the software so that top-notch protection is provided to your PC. In case you forget things easily then ensure that you allow your anti-virus software to update routinely and automatically. On a regular basis, you must run a computer scan to detect if any keylogger has been installed in your computer without your approval. Also if you notice something unusual about your computer then you should run a computer scan to indentify the real problem with your PC.

When you are trying to get rid of a keylogger, you should make sure that the internet connection is unplugged from your PC. After that scan your computer using your updated anti-virus software and then reboot your entire system. Check the firewall settings of your PC and change every password that you use. Once all this is done, you can reconnect the internet to your PC and change the passwords you utilize on different websites. Ensure that the password for each website is unique and different.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to buy a credible anti-virus software

anti-virus softwareAre you planning to buy an anti-virus software off late? Well, if your computer carries an internet connection, an anti-virus software is a must as exposure to internet makes the system susceptible to many security threats like virus, spyware, malware etc. Now, there are a great lot of anti-virus software products in the present market but not all would be able to assure the desired level of satisfaction for you. Choosing the right anti-virus software involves several considerations and the post below is a brief on how to buy a credible anti-virus software.

The primary step here is to take up a thorough survey on some of the potential anti-virus software providers around. Consult the expert reviews on the varied software versions that will get you a fair idea on the safety performance and price of the software systems. This helps in choosing a compatible pick as per your anti-virus requirements and budget. Your chosen one should be the most reputed of the lot with highest ratings and amazing reviews from the experts.

It’s advised that you go out for a software that assures a comprehensive security solution. The premium anti-virus software models confirm protection from virus threats as well as from spyware & malware as well.

Then, the anti-virus software you are going for should be easy to install. Make sure that the software system does not demand any specialist IT knowledge for its installation and use. Always settle for the most updated version. However, it’s advised that you wait for minimum 2 months post a new launch as by then you will have the expert reviews ready for your comparative study. Last but not the least- the anti virus software you are going for should come up with a free of cost 30 days trial so that you can check it out properly before investing your hard earned money on it.

PostHeaderIcon Various advantages of 3D printer

3D printerWith the huge technological advancement in the recent century, the world of printing has progressed a lot. Following technological development the 3D printers, that have changed the complete concept of printing, came in the market. With the advent of the 3D printer, printing has become much more efficient and a fast process as well. Many people, especially big business houses are now days opting for the 3D printing technology due to the various benefits offered by the 3D printers. This article will take you through the various benefits of a 3d printer.

The 3D printer used CAD drawings to produce the three dimensional structure of them. CAD has various versions, the famous of them being the AUTOCAD that one can very easily download from the internet. You can very make drawings of anything using the AUTOCAD. It can be the layout plan for a residential or a commercial project. It can be even the detail architectural structure of a factory. Once the drawing is done, you can obtain a three dimensional real life visualization of the drawing. Having got the three dimensional structure a lot of issues can be solved through it.

If there is any mistake or fault in the structure, then it can be very easily made out from the three dimensional structure of the picture. Having spotted that it can be readily solved in no time by making some changes in the drawing and getting a print of that. It saves a lot of time as well as cost of the business houses. Thus even issues to some big project can be simply solved using the 3D printer.

Modern artists also now days use the 3D printing technology to make sculptures and statues. Thus they can very easily turn a great master piece of their work in to three dimensional structure without much cost and effort.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing a credible cloud hosting company

cloud hosting companyCloud hosting seems to the most popular web hosting options today. The high end popularity of cloud hosting can be credited to the fantastic processing speed & minimal downtime it promises for the users. Besides, cloud hosting allows the users an easy management of the sudden spikes regarding site traffic. Are you too planning for cloud hosting for your website and looking or the right cloud provider? Well, the post here is all about how to land up with a reliable cloud hosting company.

Carry a survey

The seasoned entrepreneurs advise touring across at least 3 cloud service providers for an effective comparison study before signing up. You should go through the expert reviews on the providers, the user testimonials, the company plans and other features. The one you sign up with should be backed by excellent reviews from the experts and deeply satisfied clientele.

Solid server backup

This is one of the most crucial considerations before picking your cloud host company. Make sure that the cloud hosting firm you are going for can assure solid server backup in case one of the servers crashes down. A server break down can mean a serious obstacle to your business operations hindering your site visibility. Thus, you need to assure good server backup from your cloud host to confirm a hassle free visibility for your site.

Top notch support

A leading cloud host company will always assure a top-notch customer support for its clients. Your chosen one must assure 24/7 technical support facility so that you can have your problems addressed just in nick of time. Actually, the technical emergencies are unforeseen and demands immediate attention. A round the clock support assurance is thus the most needed.

Free trial

You must know that a credible cloud host provider will always allow a free trial version for its new customers.

PostHeaderIcon How to Ease Your Eyes While Using the Computer

computers, eye careIf you are someone who needs to sit and use the computer all day, it’s but natural to be a victim to backaches, shoulder pain and not to forget vision problems. If you are having many problems with your vision and if you are having headaches due to working on the computer for prolonged periods of time, then it’s probably time to do something about it. Get a screen guard for your computer screen. These don’t cost a lot and they don’t even cause a hindrance in viewing the screen clearly. Your eyes will be less under stress and you can work for longer periods of time without the stinging and headaches. You should also make sure that the seat in which you sit is right for you. The level should be right and correctly positioned as well, for working on a computer.